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    Can you imagine brussel sprouts holding their own on a plate that includes savory lamb, tender filet and flakey white fish? Not yet? Well thanks to Good Eats Houston and Peli Peli, I can! The brussel sprouts were gently charred and tender with a bite to their texture. They were lovingly drizzled with a sweet and salty sauce that made this “good for you” vegetable taste almost naughty! I absolutely loved them! In fact, they were the first thing that I finished on my beautiful plate during the private foodie tasting at Peli Peli!

    Dinner started with some amazing appetizers including: Stuffed Mushrooms, Chicken Sosaties, Biltong, and shrimp. First we tried the mushrooms, which were stuffed and covered in a creamy sauce which was flavored with its’ namesake pepper, Peli-Peli. The Chicken Sosaties were tender bites of chicken skewered with an apricot before they were covered in sweet spicy mango sauce. Next we tried the Biltong, which is a traditional taste from South Africa! Biltong is a cured jerky that retains the amazing flavor of the meat, while remaining a tender chewy bite. And finally, an off-menu shrimp selection that was my personal favorite! The shrimp was prepared with a touch of cream cheese and a sliver of peppadew pepper before being wrapped in bacon and cooked until it was perfectly crispy. This added both texture and smokiness to each bite.

    Although I barely had room, the amazing desserts arrived and were too incredible to pass up! Our beautiful finale included a sticky toffee pudding that consisted of a moist, bread-like cake. It was slathered in house-made sticky toffee syrup and topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Next up was another traditional South African taste, Melktart Brulee-aka Milk Tart. It was prepared with Chef Paul’s grandmothers’ family recipe. It had the most buttery, crumbly graham cracker crust you will ever taste! And finally, we ended with a chocolate drink that had an adult twist—alcohol. It was both strong and refreshing and was the perfect ending to our amazing meal! I’m impressed beyond belief with the culinary skill and amazing hospitality at Peli Peli!  Although this was not my first visit; this tasting has definitely rekindled my love for this exceptional restaurant!

Thank you Peli Peli Vintage ParkThomas P. Nguyen and Mike Puckett for an amazing evening!


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Address: 110 Vintage Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77070

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