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Glazed the Doughnut Café has two locations to choose from in the Houston area. We visited the one on Briar Forest – just west of Eldridge – in West Houston.

This locally-based, family owned and operated doughnut shop is so much more than your run-of-the-mill morning eatery. You quickly figure that out as you step through the door… you instantly feel at home.

I have a sweet tooth, I can’t deny that. But at the same time, I try and make sure my calories count! Therefore, it is really important to me that when I indulge myself with my sugary friends that they are of the highest quality. So, it was music to my ears when I found out that Glazed the Doughnut Cafe makes their doughnuts fresh for every single order. Nothing much better than a warm doughnut and a hot cup of joe to get your day off to a sweet start!

At Glazed the Doughnut Café, you will find their uniqueness and attention to quality is what really stands them apart. Of course, they have all the doughnuts you are familiar with, but their specialty doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches are truly SOMETHING SPECIAL!

The first thing you notice as you walk through the door is the large smile and greeting from everyone who works there. It just so happened that everyone who was eating had a smile from ear to ear as well. I knew I was in for a treat!

I noticed a lot of people were stopping in to pick up a box filled with these sweet treats. Still, there is plenty of room to sit down and enjoy a meal with some friends.

The set-up is very state of the art with digital flat screens and a large glass showcase that allows you to take a look at all the options. I was instantly mesmerized. I thought, this is gonna be fun!

We started things off with a Chai Tea Latte and we were off to the races! Made with chai, black tea, cinnamon, clove & and other warming spices, it was the perfect little warm cinnamon treat to enjoy as we searched for all the goodies that had been recommended by my foodie friends.

I am a little partial to handmade filled doughnuts and that is what I headed for first. I picked a few that sounded truly tempting: the Boston Cream, the Strawberry Cheesecake and the Crème Brulée.

The Boston Cream doughnut was filled with Bavarian Cream, topped with Chocolate Frosting,  and sprinkled with powdered sugar. One bite and I instantly received a sugar rush like no other. The Chocolate Frosting was amazing! But the moment I reached the Bavarian cream filling… I recognized this might just be my favorite of the day. Incredible!

I am a fan of cheesecake – and specifically Strawberry Cheesecake – so it comes as no surprise that I would fall in love with this doughnut at Glazed. This delicious doughnut comes jam-packed with Strawberry & Cream Cheese Filling. Then it is covered with a cream cheese spread, the sides are dredged with Graham Cracker crumbs and is topped with a fresh strawberry. I’ve never tasted a doughnut quite like this little piece of cheesecake heaven. It literally tasted like a piece of cheesecake, but better! The fresh and sweet strawberry on top put this delightful goody over the top!

Next up was the Crème Brulée. You heard me right… the Crème Brulée was everything you could imagine it to be. This handcrafted celebration had a wonderful Cream Cheese Filling and was topped with Vanilla Frosting and toasted brown sugar. I love a traditional Crème Brulée at some of my favorite French restaurants, but as a doughnut? Ahhhmazing is an understatement! If you are looking to jump a little outside the box… you must try this one. You can thank me later.

Now, we tried a number of yeast doughnuts and they were all good! But my favorite was the Macon. This maple-glazed gift had bacon chips that sat comfortably on top. The savory, salty bacon was the perfect accent to the sugary sweet maple. You must order this doughnut, I repeat… you MUST order this wonderful treat!

Glazed the Doughnut Café is known for being unique – and nothing is more unique than their sandwiches. I hesitate to say breakfast sandwiches because I could literally eat these things all day! We split a number of sandwiches but my two favorites were the Glazed Chicken Sandwich with Bacon and the Glazed Double Cheeseburger. Surprise, surprise.

The Glazed Chicken Sandwich with Bacon sits in my top 5 chicken sandwiches. The crispy fried chicken is sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts along with a strip of bacon and a slice of cheese. The fried chicken is SO GOOD it should really be sold as an individual item on its own – it’s got the perfect blend of herbs and spices. But put it all together in this masterpiece and it takes a life of its own. Sweet and savory never tasted so good!

Our finale was something I had only seen in pictures. If I hadn’t already had the time of my life, the fireworks were going off as I watched them bring it to the table. The Glazed Double Cheeseburger was stacked tall. It had 2 beef patties with cheese… oh yeah and a couple of warm, fresh glazed doughnuts on top and bottom to make sure those patties didn’t run off. Ha!

I warn you, this huge sandwich is not for the faint of heart. The warm beef patties, partnered with the melted cheese sliding down each side was as good as it looks. The hot glazed doughnuts well, you already know how I feel about that!

My trip to Glazed the Doughnut Café was everything I had dreamed of… and more! There are so many items to choose from that you’re sure to find exactly what your tummy yearns for. And they are all awesome! I do warn you, however, this jewel in Houston is extremely addicting. I think I will have to try the other location soon… just to make sure they are consistent. Ha!


Good Eats Houston Recommends…


Chai Tea Latte

Black tea, cinnamon, clove & and other warming spices


Yeast Doughnuts


Maple glazed with bacon chips


Fruity Pebbles

Vanilla frosting with Fruity Pebbles


Butter Finger

Chocolate frosting with Butter Fingers



Vanilla frosting with Oreo crumbles


Strawberry Sprinkles

Strawberry frosting with sprinkles



Chocolate frosting with M&Ms


Filled Doughnuts

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry & cream cheese filling, graham crackers with a strawberry on top


Boston Cream

Chocolate frosting, Bravarian cream filling with powdered sugar sprinkle


Crème Brulee

Vanilla frosting, cream cheese filling with toasted brown sugar  



Glazed Breakfast Sandwich

Glazed doughnut, bacon, egg, and cheese


Glazed Croissant Sandwich

Croissant, sausage, egg and cheese


Glazed Chicken Sandwich with Bacon

Glazed doughnut, crispy fried chicken, bacon and cheese


Glazed Double Cheeseburger

Glazed doughnut, 2 beef patties with cheese



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Address: 13429 Briar Forest Dr, Houston, TX 77077

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Glazed the Doughnut Café

Glazed the Doughnut Café

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